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Hi, I'm Mehek!

I am using a page on my business website to showcase some of my interior design work. Welcome to my design portfolio!


Over the last decade, I have gotten a Bachelor's degree in Emerging Media & Communications, an MBA in Business Analytics and Marketing, and have worked in brand marketing for the last 8 years. What's not on my resume are the last 10 years of interior design I have passionately chosen to do on the side, for close family, friends, and myself. 


Alongside my professional career in marketing, over the last decade I have assisted in 5 home builds, 2 commercial builds, and 1 home remodel - not including the random phone calls and texts I get asking for interior design help! Friends and family can always count on me to help them with their architectural + interior design needs, because I am always more than willing to help, given my passion for it.


My free time consists of researching the newest interior design trends, possible color schemes, that perfect furniture piece at the right price point. I love designing moodboards and creating mock up to see what that accent wall or curtain would look like in the room. I really do daydream about my interior design ideas and how I could bring them to life. I am looking to finally turn this passion for interior design into a career.

Below are a few snapshots of moodboards and mock ups I have created. I am confident that with the right tools, I could expand beyond this and serve beautiful designs to clients.


Mood Boards

Mock Ups

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